The roomies

Greg walks through life like an acrobat on a high wire. It is not about going from point A to point B, it's about trying your best to not fall down. Coming to Vancouver is the biggest challenge he's ever taken. With poor English skills and almost no qualifications, he is confronted with a new environment that might not be the most welcoming for people like him. But he is an optimist, willing to learn and to work his back off to make it happen. Nothing can bring him down, and every obstacle in his way is just another brick in the wall. The wall that he is building in order to become this great individual that his mom always told him he would be some day.
Anne arrived in Vancouver with her WHV mid-2013. Desperate to fit in everywhere she goes, she undertakes to experiment every fashionable behaviour dictated by her environment. And in Vancouver, of course, it's all about being healthy. A vegan, gluten-free, fur-free yoga freak, she believes she knows better than you what's good for you and will do her best to convince you to follow her path. Smart and very organized, she is the go-to girl, a problem-solver and the most reasonable of all. In spite of her obsesssive-compulsive health ways that often get on the roommies' nerves, she is respected and looked-up to by the household.
Marie arrived in Vancouver at about the same time as Anne. They met at a newcomers' party and decided to look for a place together. But little did they know about how different they were. Marie's life motto is 'the more (men) the better!' Although a bit taken aback by the Canadian 'dating' system, she enjoys going out with men, especially the cute and sexy ones. She likes them even better if they have something interesting to say, because she is super smart, even though she tries hard to hide it. She spends a lot of time in coffee shops, in the hope of meeting the next hunk that will end up in her bed, if ever...
Bernardo is from Brazil. He came to Vancouver as a teen with his family. Openly and proud to be gay, he very much enjoys Vancouver's gay friendliness. A real sweetheart, he believes every human being is a treat to gravitate around, and everyone loves him in return, especially Anne whom he adores more than anyone else for an incomprehensible reason. He is always available to help and support his friends, but often disappears when some social event sounds more exciting than the one the roomies have organized. Unable to find his path in life, he goes from job to job, not minding the context as long as he can make a decent living.