Greg moved from France to Vancouver 4 years ago. Now a permanent resident, he works with children during the week, and in a pastry shop at weekends. A trained theater actor, he excels at improv and loves to make his audience laugh. Just like his character, he is still struggling with the English language, but to his defense, he barely spoke a word of English when he landed in Canada. He enjoys life, especially when it comes with good food and good wine. He is currently training to become an early childhood educator.

Anne Daroussin

Originally from Orléans, France, Anne arrived in Vancouver in February 2011 on a WHV and is now waiting for her permanent residency. Anne is one who seeks new challenges and experiences, most of the time related to the arts or culture in general. On her spare time, Anne is a passionate dancer in contemporary, jazz and ballet. As a teen, she practiced theatre for 8 years. She is a TV series addict, loves to read and loves cinema. She has tons of ideas for books, short and feature films but never finds the time/courage/inspiration to develop them. Her worst creative enemy: procrastination and her long list of TV shows to watch!

Marie Duprez-Pannetrat

Originally from the greater Paris area, Marie discovered acting at a very young age, and it soon became a real vocation. With her high school diploma in hand, she trained at the Ecole de l'Acteur Coté Cour, where she learnt to play for the camera. That's when she directed her first short film "Le Mystère de l'Oiseau Bleu" (The Mystery of the Blue Bird.) As a member of various theatre troupes, she also acted in several plays ( "Les K", La Pièce Montée") in Paris and in other French cities . She came to Vancouver on a WHV in the spring of 2011, and hopes to make the best of 'Hollywood North' as far as her passion goes.

Bernardo Bamberg

Bernardo was born and raised in Brazil. He emigrated to Canada in 2009. He's been trying to find the love of his life in Vancouver, but it seems that he's going to have to search some more. His goal is to go back to school in a couple of years to study bio-technologies in order to help save the planet. In his spare time, he loves to practice many styles of dance, amongst which contemporary and ballet (with Anne.) He will be spending the 2013 holiday season with his family in Brazil and will hopefully provide us with some fun clips of his adventures in South America!

Thierry Prédhom

Originally from Grenoble, France, Thierry is very much like his character. A world traveler, he lived in Oregon for a year, then in Spain for another year, and in Mexico, for yet another year. That's where he met Fátima, his life partner in real life as in the series. He landed in Vancouver two years ago with a WHV visa, looking for a life change under new horizons. A sales person by trade, he is fascinated and intrigued by the audio-visual world and is hoping to someday make it in the film industry. In the meantime, he is learning the ins and outs of film making, and has already directed two short films.